WTFStopW : a simple stopwatch
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WTFStopW : a simple stopwatch

Build :
nasm -felf64 wtfstopw.asm
ld -s -melf_x86_64 wtfstopw.o -o wtfstopw

Usage :
./wtfstopw [-h] [-r NDIGITS]
Options :
-h print an help message and exit
-r number of digits bellow seconds to display, default is 2

Interactions :
press enter to exit or close stdin
send SIGINT (with kill -2 or ctrl + c) for new lap on stdout
elapsed time is sent on stderr and laps infos on stdout

Build with debugging symbols :
nasm -g -F dwarf -felf64 -l wtfstopw.lst wtfstopw.asm
ld -melf_x86_64 wtfstopw.o -o wtfstopw