Brainfuck compiler for linux x86_64 written in nasm x86_64
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Makefile 293B

  1. NASM=nasm
  2. ASFLAGS=-felf64
  3. LDFLAGS=-s -melf_x86_64
  4. # To build with debugging symbols
  5. #ASFLAGS=-felf64 -g -F dwarf -l bf.lst
  6. #LDFLAGS=-g -melf_x86_64
  7. all: bfc
  8. bfc: bfc.o
  9. ld $(LDFLAGS) bfc.o -o bfc
  10. bfc.o: bfc.asm
  11. $(NASM) $(ASFLAGS) bfc.asm
  12. .PHONY: clean
  13. clean:
  14. -rm -fv bfc bfc.o bfc.lst